NeXT Computer

From prototypes to accessories, a detailed look at the computers that marked an era. The book describes all the models, variants and peripherals produced by NeXT during its activity. The work is enriched by a selection of the most interesting third-party accessories, a section dedicated to FAQs and a section dedicated to repairs.

Some of the topics covered

NeXTcube and its components, NeXTdimension, NeXTstations, Sound Box, Keyboards, Mouse, MegaPixel Displays, NeXT Printers, rare NeXT hardware, Prototypes, and some of the most significant third-party accessories.

  • Cube
  • Monitor
  • Laser
  • Keyboard
  • HDD
  • Manual

The most iconic computers

This guide, created to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the launch of the first NeXT computer, makes no claim to be technically exhaustive, but presents itself as a useful tool to learning about or re-discovering the remarkable products created by NeXT Inc. during its brief history as a hardware company.


  • The book has a simple, elegant design and is printed as a hardcover edition, making it strong and durable
  • 160 pages, size 9.45x9.45" (24x24 cm)
  • Printed on high quality paper (150 gr/mq)
  • LIMITED EDITION: only 100 numbered copies
  • Available from July, 2018


If you wish to order a copy of the book or request further information, you may contact the author here.

One more thing...

A dutiful thank you also goes to all the people who, over the years, have kept alive the support for these great machines, particularly to all forum members!